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CAAD - Organisation - Overview

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The Chair of CAAD was newly vested with Ludger Hovestadt by the end of 2000 which lead to a paradigma shift. Since then the aim was no longer to illustrate architecture within the computer (Virtual Reality), but to extract architecture again from the computer (back to reality) in order to build artifacts, which cannot be realised with conventional practice.
For attaining these goals we are a uniquely large crew, which is formed in an interdisciplinary manner and is - in its core - oriented towards a pragmatic conversion of information-technologies in architecture.
We could in the course of our work bring some developments to marketability and are proud of these spin-offs out of our context:
In the measure, in which a new architectural practice succeeds, the methodical, theoretical and historical basis of the developments gain meaning. This demonstrates the current spectrum of our staff at the professorship.


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