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Exhibition: Platonic Solids - Michael Hansmeyer

Smallspace gallery in Berlin is currently exhibiting Michael Hansmeyer's "Platonic Solids" series.

The "Platonic Solids" series explores to what extent a purely operations-based geometric process can generate form. It takes the most primitive forms, the platonic solids, and repeatedly employs one single operation – the division of a form’s face into smaller faces – until a new form is produced. The recursively applied process remains entirely constant, only the variables that control its division operation are permitted to change. This single process affects the form's topography and topology, and influences attributes such as the degree of branching, porosity, and fractalization - just to name a few. The resulting forms display an astounding complexity that largely defies attempts at reductionism.

Hexahedra, stacked

Smallspace Gallery
Schliemannstrasse 4
10437 Berlin
Exhibition dates: November 11th to December 13th, 2009

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