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Packed - a cardboard pavilion

invitation by pro helvetia, Exhibition at Arts & Crafts Museum Shanghai and Fudan University Shanghai

“Packed” is one of the final projects of the Master Advanced Study group 2009/10

The pavilion features a bottom-up design, with variable truncated cones, 409 in all, the basic construction elements in a network that fills the entire surface. The cones negotiate their parameters with each other, and, by adapting size, form and position, achieve common goals such as overall stability, illumination and spatial quality while still maintaining individual diversity and freedom.

The cones were manufactured using corrugated cardboard in 28 layers, each of which was cut and glued on a computer-controlled machine, while weatherproofing was provided by shrink foil, yet another packing material. The entire process was implemented and optimized by means of self-made computer programs for all steps, from production in Zurich, logistics, packing and shipping, to assembly in Shanghai. By intelligently nesting the cones, finally, the amount of material used, the production time and the shipping volume were significantly reduced. The experiment is intended to demonstrate how architects can use CAAD to customize a given design process, thereby overcoming fabrication and logistical constraints with integrated solutions.

Project by
Min-Chieh Chen, Michele Leidi, Dominik Zausinger
with the help of Jeannette Kuo

Supervised by Tom Pawlofsky


  • Pro Helvetia Schweizer Kulturstiftung. This project is part of the exchange and cooperation programme «Swiss Chinese Explorations» of Pro Helvetia, the Swiss Arts Council.
  • Smurfit Kappa, Mohlin, Switzerland
  • Geisendorf – Foundation for Architecture, Basel, Switzerland
  • Zünd Systemtechnik AG, Altstätten, Switzerland

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