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Articles 2009

Platonic Solids Exhibition
Smallspace Gallery in Berlin is exhibiting Michael Hansmeyer's Platonic Solids project ...>>

Vernissage Interactive Urban Fabric
The MAS class of 2009 present their Interactive Urban Fabric at the Beckeranlage in Zurich. Friday, October 16th, at 19:00 ...>>

Stadtigel in the International Architecture Biennale
What happens if the earth is one big continous urban space? CAAD and KAISERSROT in the Netherlands Architecture Institute ...>>

Welcome to Knochenhalle
Finally, we have enough space for experiments in our new production hall at the Geistlich Areal in Schlieren ...>>

FiDU Rotors presented at DMY Exhibition
The 2008/2009 MAS program presented their Fidu COEUS rotor prototypes at the DMY Exhibition in Berlin ...>>

Swissglider Artikel über unser Paraglider Sensor Projekt
In der Swissglider Verbandszeitschrift Ausgabe April09 berichteten wir über unser erfolgsversprechendes WSN/MICS Projekt ...>>

Kaisersrot in SF1 Kulturplatz
Am 7.01.2009 berichtete die Sendung Kulturplatz auf SF1 über die bekannteste Forschungsgruppe der Professur für CAAD ...>>


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