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Articles 2010

Packed - a cardboard pavilion
MAS final project 2010 Packed is exhibited in Shanghai, 3d paper art exhibition ...>>

ShapeShift - towards a soft architecture
MAS final project 2010 ShapeShift will be exhibited at Schweizer Baumuster Zentrale Zürich ...>>

CAAD in Japan
From Tokyo to Kyoto. CAAD goes east ...>>

Two awards for presentations at the eCAADE 2010 ...>>

Responsive Technologies Lecture Series
12. July, 14:00: Adam Somlai-Fischer, Aether Architecture - interactive architecture systems (
past lectures can be watched at:

Bonestructures from the "Knochenhalle"
The new FiDU project of this year mas will be shown at the DMY design festival in Berlin from 09-13.06.2010 ...>>

"Präzision des Zufalls – Architekturautomaten" Exhibition
The newtechClub in Schlieren ZH shows the results of an ongoing cooperation between the KAISERSROT Group and SLIK Architekten ...>>

Articles 2009

Platonic Solids Exhibition
Smallspace Gallery in Berlin is exhibiting Michael Hansmeyer's Platonic Solids project ...>>

Vernissage Interactive Urban Fabric
The MAS class of 2009 present their Interactive Urban Fabric at the Beckeranlage in Zurich. Friday, October 16th, at 19:00 ...>>

Stadtigel in the International Architecture Biennale
What happens if the earth is one big continous urban space? CAAD and KAISERSROT in the Netherlands Architecture Institute ...>>

Welcome to Knochenhalle
Finally, we have enough space for experiments in our new production hall at the Geistlich Areal in Schlieren ...>>

FiDU Rotors presented at DMY Exhibition
The 2008/2009 MAS program presented their Fidu COEUS rotor prototypes at the DMY Exhibition in Berlin ...>>

Swissglider Artikel über unser Paraglider Sensor Projekt
In der Swissglider Verbandszeitschrift Ausgabe April09 berichteten wir über unser erfolgsversprechendes WSN/MICS Projekt ...>>

Kaisersrot in SF1 Kulturplatz
Am 7.01.2009 berichtete die Sendung Kulturplatz auf SF1 über die bekannteste Forschungsgruppe der Professur für CAAD ...>>

Articles 2008

XCube in St. Gallen
Der xCube wird vollständig im Computer generiert und mit einer computergesteuerten Fräse hergestellt. Die rationelle Produktion solcher komplexer Strukturen ist nur mit computerbasierten Prozessen möglich. xCube ist ein prototypisches Beispiel für diese neue Arbeitsweise ...>>

MAS 2008 on Design Week in Vienna
Final project MAS class 0708 - Pavilion at Vienna Design Week ...>>

Jahresausstellung 2008 Professur für CAAD
of the Department of Architecture, ETH Zurich ...>>

Lecture Prof. Ludger Hovestadt
Within the lecture-series „Gespräche am Fluss“ at the Halter Company in Zürich, Prof. Ludger Hovestadt talks about architecture’s new role in the information-society ...>>

Reddot-Award 2008
„plopp“ - a stool designed by Oskar Zieta and produced with the FIDU-Method, developed at the chair for CAAD – wins the famous Design-Award on June 23 ...>>

Kerim Seiler @ Kunsthaus Zürich + Art Unlimited Basel
Swiss artist Kerim Seiler is exhibited at Kunsthaus Zürich with his new installation "Alice" and at the Art Unlimited, Basel with "MgBeth". Both were produced in cooperation with the chair of CAAD, ETH Zürich ...>>

DMY in Berlin
Objects of the last MAS work and Oskar Zietas chairs are shown from 21 May to 1 June in Berlin. ...>>

Interview with Prof. Ludger Hovestadt
While being interviewed for the 3sat television-programme "scobel", Prof. Ludger Hovestadt discussed complexity in architecture, pointing out our ...>>

digitalSTROM wins Innovation Prize
digitalSTROM wins Architecture and Technology Innovation Prize at 'light+building',Messefrankfurt, April 6-11, 2008 ...>>

Kunst am Bau
a CAAD software solution allowed the artist to design a pattern with more than 10.000 individual holes ...>>

Objects of the last MAS work and results of the seminar weeks are shown from 28 February to 9 March as Design objects in Munich. ...>>

Articles 2007

Art at Migros-headquarters
from 13th to 17th November a huge, 3-dimensional structure clings to the facade of the MGB-headquarters at Limmatplatz. ...>>

Lecture Prof. Ludger Hovestadt
about the Philosophy of digitalSTROM ...>>

Lecture Prof. Rolf Pfeifer
"How the body shapes the way we think - design principles for intelligent systems." 22.Oct.07 | 8:00 a.m. | HIL E04 ... ...>>

1:1 Metalworks
At Frankfurt Book Fair 2007 on October 10th, gta publishers Zurich will present «1:1 Metalworks - eine digital-analoge Baustelle». The book describes the building process of the «Umbrella Roofs» student workshop at ETH Zurich ...>>

caad at the conference Creative Systems ´07
“…To create systems has always been an essential part of architectural practice. By developing and defining the basic rules of the building process the architect is enabled to manage the structure and the architectural expression of the building. ...>>

In this years annual exhibition the chair of CAAD shows two projects: Monster Structures Seminar Week and Sheet Metal/Fidu II ...>>

MAS0708 Welcome Day
This year seven students from around the world have been accepted to join our Master of Advanced Studies in Architecture. Over the year their online portfolio will be updated with the results of each module ...>>

Connected Real Estate
HOW MUCH ENERGY COULD AN ORGANISATION SAVE if the heating, air conditioning and power consumption were regulated according to the number of people in the building? How much additional value could building owners generate ...>>

Pump Up My Chair
As a successful conclusion of the module "metal works" our MAS -students pumped up furniture design classics with water pressure. The objects were drawn in CAD software, cut with the CNC laser and manually welded together. ...>>

Furniture fair Milano 2007 Thank you for your interest and attendance at our stand at the furniture fair Milano in the SaloneSatellite. We are pleased if our presentation suits you. We like to make these information available as a press statement. ...>>

CAAD Seminarwoche SS 2007 mit Kerim Seiler
Die diesjährige Seminarwoche der Professur für CAAD wird durch einen eingeladenen Künstler konzipiert und durchgeführt. Das gestaltete Ergebnis wird während der Seminarwoche mit modernen CAD/CAM Technologien in der Digitalwerkstatt hergestellt und montiert. ...>>

CAAD goes Swissbau
From 23. until 27. january 2007, the chair of Caad explains the "digital chain" with the ‘Neue Monte Rosa Hütte’ Project at the Swissbau in Basel, the trade fair of the Swiss building industry. A first 1:1 prototyp of a Monte Rosa room will be exhibited. ...>>


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