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Exhibition: "Präzision des Zufalls – Architekturautomaten" - KAISERSROT & SLIK Architekten

Automatic Architecture or: the blind Architect

The study of basic design variations in vaguely defined tasks is very time consuming in today's architectural practice and offers little room for creativity - and yet it is at the beginning of every project. To improve the quality of these very relevant studies, the research group KAISERSROT has developed a building synthesizer software which provides for each project a large number of useful solutions. Free of any prior knowledge of architectural history and without prejudice, the computer generates random houses which always meet the given quantitative targets. This generating module is coupled to an analysis module, which evaluates the quality of the architecture. The best solutions are used to create further variations. After several generations designs are found that meet the required qualities with the given priorities. The architect using this building synthesizer only adjusts the desired qualities and no longer has a direct control of the shape. After the software was successfully tested in several studies we used the "blind architect" for the first time in a collaboration between KAISERSROT and SLIK Architekten from Zurich as a design tool for an architectural competition. The computer-generated building-structure was detailed with designed, parametric elements to achieve an architectural expression which was indistinguishable from the designs of real architects by the jury of the anonymous competition. The authors therefore see great potential in the development of this design methodology, which raises important questions about the architect and his authorship.

newtechClub, Schlieren

Brandstrasse 33
8952 Schlieren
Exhibition dates: March 1st to July 16th, 2010

Further information:
SLIK Architekten


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