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The Students of CAAD I were assigned to design parametric towers using Digital Project/CATIA by GehryTechnologies. Ten of these towers had to be submitted in form of a poster. Here you find a selection of the results, all submissions can be found here: Parametric CAD

Andrea Jeger & Geraldine Meyer

Benjamin Engelhardt & Philipp Zimmer

Elina Mueller & Olivia Kuenzli

Franziska Biner & Vesna Petrovic

Isabel Bolli & Franziska Fischer

Jan Dlabac & Katrin Suter

Matej Draslar & Andreas Lochmatter

Matthias Alder & Thomas Riedener

Pascal Steiner & Stephan Pfeiffer

Sarah Hintermann & Regula Christen

Sharri Xhiha & Paul Buergi

Steffen Haegele & Nina Ehrenbold

Supervision: Steffen Lemmerzahl & Christin Kempf


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