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Education 2010

CAAD I: Bachelorkurs HS 10
27.09.2010: Beginn der Vorlesungs- und Übungsreihe CAAD I. Montags 08.00 - 09.45 | HIL E 04. ...>>

CAAD I: Bachelorkurs HS 10
27.09.2010: Beginn der Vorlesungs- und Übungsreihe CAAD I. Montags 08.00 - 09.45 | HIL E 04. ...>>

CAAD II: Bachelorkurs FS 10
01.03.2010: Beginn der Vorlesungs- und Übungsreihe CAAD II. Montags 08.00 - 09.45 | HIL E 04. ...>>

Education 2009

CAAD I: Bachelorkurs HS 09
21.10.2009: Beginn der Vorlesungs- und Übungsreihe CAAD I. Montags 08.00 - 09.45 | HIL E 04. ...>>

CAAD II Übungseinschreibung
Die in der Vorlesung vom 30.03. vorgestellten Übungen sind ab sofort zum Einschreiben freigegeben. Alle weiteren Informationen befinden sich auf der Kursseite. ...>>

Education 2008

FW Physical Computing
There is all this invisible potential being generated in public spaces by people going about their everydays lives. It‘s all just input waiting for you to manipulate it into some kind of fascinating output ...>>

An der Professur für CAAD von Prof. Dr. Ludger Hovestadt an der ETH Zürich wurde im Rahmen des diesjährigen Masterkurses einen große Struktur aus Blech in Form eines Ikosahedron entwickelt. ...>>

The MAS workshop 'PORTABLE SPACE' led by Yves Ebnoether and Mathias Bernhard picked up where the previous workshop 'BIG NUMBERS' left. Over the 3 week workshop the students learnt how to use the various CNC machines available to them at the RAPLAB. ...>>

During the MAS workshop 'BIG NUMBERS' led by Kai Ruedenauer and Benjamin Dillenburger the students learnt how to use Rhinoscript as a design tool creating 3D cad data directly in Rhino not by hand but with small scripts they wrote. ...>>

DWF Processing spring semester 08
The Course Processing imparts the ability of programming in a very easy-to-learn, java-alike language. There is no previous knowledge assumed – but high motivation! According to a traditional, grid-based Design we develop concepts for programmed, parametric-based designs. The Design is no longer drawn, but created by a program ...>>

MAS0809 Application Deadline
Starting January 1st 2008 you can apply online for our MASTER OF ADVANCED STUDIES IN ARCHITECTURE - Specialization in Computer Aided Architectural Design ...>>

Education 2007

The simplicity and subtle animation made 'Fox in the snow' by Pascal Steiner and Stephan Pfeiffer truly stand out from the pack ...>>

CAAD I Parametric CAD
The Students of CAAD I were assigned to design parametric towers using Digital Project/CATIA by GehryTechnologies. Ten of these towers had to be submitted in form of a poster. See a selection of results, provided by november 26th. ...>>

Presentation CncBlowUp
on November 21st the result of the seminarweek CncBlowUp is presented within the awards show of Prix Acier 2005/2007 ...>>

Thirty teams joined our three hours crash course in Character Animation ...>>

Denken in Systemen
The Swiss architect Fritz Haller was the most established system designer in switzerland during the 1960s. His urban megastructures, network structures, geometrical experiments, and particularly his USM Haller furniture collection are a well-known reference in architecture. ...>>

Graustufen - Ein Atlas
Ziel ist es, einen Atlas zeitgenössischer, Schweizer Wohngebäude zu erstellen. Grundlage und Datensatz für die Sammlung ist die Zeitschrift “Werk, Bauen, Wohnen”. Die gesammelten Informationen über die Gebäude werden systematisch als XML Daten archiviert. ...>>


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