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CAAD - Collaborations - Overview

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The research-project Techniktheorie/Theory of Technology in Architecture is a cooperation with the Institut of Architectural Theory, Prof. Kari Jormakka, of the Vienna University of Technology. The project was founded by G. Vrachliotis and O. Schürer in 2007

The publication-project Kontext Architektur is a collaboration with Hans-Peter Schwarz, the principal of the Zurich University of the Arts. The book series is dealing with architectural concepts in Art, Science and Technology and is edited by G. Vrachliotis and A. Gleiniger ...>>

The Swiss Design Institute for Finance and Banking (SDFB), founded in 2007, is a university based center of competence for applied as well as for scientific research in cooperation with the Swiss finance and banking industry ...>>

Under the name an alliance was created at ETH Zurich, with the goal to develop a worldwide standard for electrical intelligence ...>>

designtoproduction is CAAD’s first spin-off and was founded by Christoph Schindler and Fabian Scheurer together with Arnold Walz in 2006. It supports architects, planners, engineers, and contractors in the efficient design and production of non-standard architecture ...>>


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