Workshop: A Quantum City Jakarta


This workshop aims to provide a probability space for ideas of a radical nature, about how we understand and define the cities of today and tomorrow, by exploring the overlaps between architecture, philosophy, mathematics, and information. The workshop will extend over four sessions, developing four fundamental concepts for a quantum vision of the city: The Adventure, How to Survive, How to Learn and Your Constitution. Each session will consist of a lecture, followed by an open debate and active blogging.

We want to avoid overused debates about the problems and threats of the city; a discussion which has largely become part of the common generic ground. Corruption, energy crisis, climate change: the same problematic is elucidated, no matter which city you are looking at. Instead, we will try to explore individual notions of cityness, by articulating lectures and debates with the students’ personal experiences, and references. After every lecture, followed by a debate, students will work on the construction of a “collective diary”, on a blog format. They will try to implicitly illustrate their notion of cityness and identity; by collecting pictures, documents, excerpts from selected readings, situations from everyday life (news, blogs, web, conversations); and commenting them on the light of the subjects discussed during the workshop. The kind of posts we expect, should aim to respond to questions such as:

How does your city welcome?
What is your city about?
What are you proud of in your city?
What is your identity?
What can you do, when you can everything but you know what to do?

This collection of indexes will give emergence to a notion of cityness, under the form of a “genre”. The introduction of the concept of “genre”, as a dynamic tool borrowed from literature, will provide us with a powerful approach to the questions of diversity and complexity in the city.

As a final outcome, students will be asked to build a powerful story about their city, by articulating this collection of indexes. More importantly, this methodology will build, in a heuristic manner, a notion of Quantum City, not as a model or a theory, but as way of looking at things.

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