Teahouse 2.0 Workshop with NCTU Taiwan


Workshop: Teahouse 2.0: Procedural Architecture

April 23 – May 5, 2012, NCTU Institute of Architecture

ETH CAAD and NCTU IAR have held a joint workshop “Teahouse 2.0” in the Spring of 2012, which explore a new threshold of computational design and digital fabrication in the realm of education. The workshop is themed as “Teahouse 2.0” as interest and respect on something beyond technology, such as local tradition, temporality, and avant-garde-ness, also as seeking new possibility of digitally aided design.

Participated Institutes

Project Teams

  2. Cupavilion, by NCTU MArch Kyle group
  3. Teagloo, by NCTU MS group

Coordinators & Instructors


  • Te-Fan Wang/汪德範 (Architectural photography)
  • Chen-Yu Lan/藍振育 (Event documentary & photography)
  • Jessica Huang/黃子盈 (Documentation/Editor/Translation)
  • Ya-Mi Tsai/蔡雅米 (General Affairs)


May 25 – July 01, 2012, MOCA Taipei

This exhibition shows the result of the workshop – 3 teams from NCTU IAR and ETH CAAD designed and built 3 experimental “Teahouses” taking advantage of digital technologies – and recent project of educational activities of each school. Through examples of process and result of actual materialization of digitally designed artifacts, visitor shall be able to sense what is really happening in, and fundamentally changing the world of architectural design.

Symposium: Procedural Architecture: Resolution in the age of Meta-digital

May 26  – May 27, 2012, 13:00-18:00, MOCA Taipei Activity Hall

The symposium, held on May 26th and 27th following the exhibition opening day, is organized to present and explore more in detail what is happening in architecture in the age of Metadigital, through world’s leading figures’ recent projects and perspectives. The symposium will be the first-of-the-kind in the field to be held in Taiwan, which shall trigger new sensation in architectural design which is already on-going in some part of the world. The architecture is no more just 3-dimentional still object – it has further dimensions in information and we are start having ways to “design” new qualities, such as time or process. Through the symposium, we will see what is emerging through more conscious way of Procedural Architecture.


More Info under http://procedural-architecture.net/blog/