Structural Architectures


According to the IP Application, this first year of activities should focus and maybe set up some basic points, looking for methodological suggestions, both in the architectural design processes and in the architectural design education. Then, a panoramic approach, aiming to “inventory” and to “sound out” some of the main themes and problems related to the architectural structuralism and to its teaching/learning methodologies, should be encouraged more than a specialized one. Thus, booth theory and praxis will be involved, and most of all their reciprocal connection will be emphasized, so in order to shorten the distances between the so called “spoken/thought” and the so called “drawn/built” architecture, as in order to allow students to correctly pour every heterogeneous information (abstract or symbolic) into the geometrical configuration of their projects, and vice versa, to correctly understand meanings from the true architectural environment. As the matter, it is proposed to focus the design process on a specific case studio, at the same time small and complex enough for our needs, which is Portovenere on the Liguriano coast, as it is shown in the following.