Structural Architectures Workshop

GAP IN THE NET- Victoria Retana, Raphael Joo, Tatiana Nemova, Gabriella Milo

PENT IT- Enrique Josè Sànchez Vazquez, Martina Bonilla Hollyman, Blerta Copa, Bahaa El Awar


Geometry, Code and Design- A Hermits Cabin

ERASMUS Intensive Programme 2012 -Summer School Kaiserslautern, Germany, September 01 – 11, 2012


In the Summer School structural thinking will be used as a method for designing architecture. Formulating rules on the basis of mathematical, geometric, physical, compositional and functional structures and their translations in spatial configurations and relationships between elements will be the starting point of a design project. The interaction of different disciplines in the structural approach will be the most important aspect of our IP. Whereas in the first year of our Intensive Programme the focus of the workshop had been the analyses and recognition of structures in the scale of a city, we will focus now on an a small architectural design object, developed according structures: a hermit’s cabin or minimal house for the Palatinate Forest. The cabin should be modular, foldable or decomposable, so that the cabin is reversible and can be built up at other places. The principles should be simulated in the models in order to be packed in a box and sending them to the partner universities for exhibitions. Besides the model the designed cabin will be represented in concept diagrams, various kind of drawings, sketches, and images.


The students develop their design project in international groups. Each group will have a professor as the main contact person, additionally there will be concerted tutoring by the whole teaching staff together. The students get inputs by short lectures and workshop proposals. They bring their own drawing materials and laptops with software. Scanner and printer will be available as well as the equipment in the modelling laboratories. At the arrival day we will start our programme by visiting the exhibitions “From Primitive Hut to Skyscraper” and “Architectural Model – Tool, Fetish, Small Utopia” in DAM Frankfurt. Excursions to the Palatinate Forest and to Stuttgart will be additional inputs for the architectural and designing background. Cultural and communicative events will round out the programme of the summer school.

IP Partner

Technische Universität Kaiserslautern

Universidad CEU San Pablo Madrid

Politecnico di Milano

ETH Zürich, CAAD