Seminar week MOSCOW HS 2013


Seminar week MOSCOW 19.- 27.10.2013

Get in the loop and spin. Find open patterns of architectural styles, traditions and ideologies. Embrace the cacophony of Moscow’s identity a place where new tendencies have always been enthusiastically adopted and tested yet where movements have also easily been forgotten or have even been convicted. We want to find the ruptures in architectural language as well as the changing political and social contexts of the past one hundred years. We will meet up with members of the School of Public Policy, get in touch with the Moscow Architectural Academy as well as ‘Strelka’ an educational institution curated by Rem Koolhaas. Tours to Kremlin, art galleries, ancient churches and contemporary centers will also lead us to the most happening neighborhoods of the Russian capitol.

INFO MI 11.09.2013 14:00 HPZ F

15 ~ 20 people

470 CHF + individual visa (est. CHF 100) & individual flight (est. CHF 400)