Seminarwoche IRAN HS 2012


Seminarwoche IRAN 19.-28.10.2012 Teheran & Caspian Sea

Cities: Teheran – Namak Abrood – Ramsar – Anzali- Rasht – Teheran

Our trip is divided to two main parts. We will start our trip by exploring Tehran as a diversified metropolitan area with huge varieties including its historical and architectural aspects as well as its modern urban structures and life styles.

In the second part of the trip, we will move from Tehran toward Caspian Sea, in the northern part of Iran. In a half a day journey, from early morning, we pass the Alborz mountain  with eye-catching landscapes to Namak-Abrood Cable Car (TeleCabin) near the Caspian Sea. Then, we will stay in our hotel in Anzali. During the next days, we will visit Rasht City, Masoole City, Anzali Lagoon and some other attractive destination points. Leaving the Caspian Sea we will make our way back to Teheran airport.

The overall route of our journey is as follows:

The detailed plan of our trip, with descriptions for our destination points is available online.

(The Trip Web Site: