Seminar Week HS2016 Armenia


Seminar Week The Colour of Armenia 22 – 30 October 2016

Modern Armenia, a young country with more than a 3000 year-old history. Its territory is small but large communities of Armenians spread around the globe. During its long history Armenia passed through many glorious and tragic events; losing independence, forced population relocation and horrific Genocide.

The Identity of Armenian people is fixed on their cultural memories and traditions. There are strong efforts being made to preserve the cultural heritage from different eras: from ancient temples to the soviet modernist buildings. The cultural heritage is clearly reflected in all aspects of contemporary Armenian society, politics and arts.

Modern Armenia is in a unique situation where only four of its 12 million people live within the country borders while the remaining 8 millions consider themselves Armenian Diaspora and spread around the world to open their country to a global perspective.

We want to see all approaches of contemporary Armenia: antique and preserve, modern and global.

We are planning our trip from the capital Yerevan, travelling to most regions of the country, visiting historic towns, monasteries, the world first Christian churches and moving through the all surrounding enigmatic autumn nature. We have organised meetings with young architects and artists, social activists and we are going to visit modern education centres and contemporary art museums.


22-24 oct.  Yerevan, the capital
25 oct.       Dilijan, the most important mountain resorts of Armenia
26 oct.       Lake Sevan, one of the largest freshwater high-altitude lakes
27 oct.       Tatev Monastery, hosted one of the most important Armenian medieval universities
28 oct.       Noravank, a secret 13th-century monastery located in a narrow hard-to-reach gorge
29-30 oct.  Yerevan

Group: 15 – 20 people

Cost level: D / individual flight

Info: Tuesday, 20 September 2016, 12:30 at HIB E15