Seminar Week FS2017 Uzbekistan


Uzbekistan Equinox. 18-26 March 2017

The region which today include the Republic of Uzbekistan in 12-15 century was a part of the Silk Road, the trade connection between Eastern and Western civilizations. The cities of Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and Tashkent were the strategic centers of trade, power and education. Between those cultural centers was the unsettled world of caravans and nomads.
Nowadays those cities are exotic oasis’s, full of diverse cultural heritage of vanished empires. Mosques, minarets, synagogues, fortifications are carefully preserved by UNESCO and the government, to bring a profit from international tourism to the economy of Uzbekistan.
What happens in between those architectural and cultural artefacts? What is the life of 30 million people in this remote, Muslim, post soviet country about?
We will follow the Silk Road with contemporary speed and altitude; fast train, local airlines, bus as well as the mobile network, internet and information stream, all those to become familiar with the traditions, the political context and the existing urbanism and infrastructure of the “stan”, the Land of Uzbeks.
Fortunately, the week from 20th to 26th March is the feast to celebrate the Persian New Year, Nowruz. 21st of March is a public holiday and the biggest celebration of the spring Equinox day. Hopefully, this very special week of the year for Uzbek culture will bring us a very special experience.

Info meeting: Feb. 21, 12:30 @ HIB E15
Flight dates: 18.03 Zurich-Moscow-Tashkent / 26.03 Tashkent-Moscow-Zurich
Cities: Tashkent / Samarkand / Bukhara / Khiva
Visa: required
Cost: 650 chf – hotels, transportation + individual flight (ca. 700 chf)
Contact: Mario Guala guala(at) / Katia Ageeva ageevaeva(at)