Seminar Week FS2016 Vilnius / Minsk


Seminar Week Vilnius / Minsk 12 – 20 March 2016

Belarus and Lithuania are neighboring countries with a lot in common. Historically, more than once, Minsk and Vilnius belonged to the same state (Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Kingdom of Poland, the Russian Empire, and Soviet Union). The development of these two cities always happened in parallel and even today the urban fabric, scale and city organization look pretty similar. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, both countries followed radically opposed social paths: Lithuania is part of the EU, a modern democratic country, while Belarus has been led by the same president for the last 25 years, nourishing a nostalgia for the past.

We are curious to observe the impact of the different scenarios that emerged from similar setups, the life of societies and young professionals. We will visit both capitals, and as always, we will escape for a couple of days to the nature: Baltic Sea coast and Belarusian forest marsh.

Group: 15-20 people

Cost level: C

Info: Monday, 29 Feb. 2016, 13:00 at HPZ F