Seminar Week: Quantums of Beirut | 17-25 Oct. 2015


Do you know the Lebanon?

I shook my head.

In the evenings the sky is like wine and the shadows falling across the terraces have purple edges to them. Overhead, vines grape and other things with big flowers and a wonderful smell. Everything is very still and warm and soft. Its the kind of atmosphere in which myths are born and the pictures in your minds eye seem more real than the chair youre sitting on.

Eric Ambler, Judgement on Deltchev


Beirut, city of paradoxes and complexities, relentlessly redefining identities: cosmopolitan and Lebanese, secular and religious, Mediterranean and Arab, conservative and hedonistic, mundane and genuine. Beirut still asks itself, what should be remembered and what should be taken to forgetfulness? A city of many faces, Paris, Miami, and Baghdad into the same blend. Shinning skyscrapers rise above French-style villas while mortar-shattered towers and bullet-pocked walls stand still as witnesses. Hip luxury boutiques sprout next to crumbling modern-day ruins. A Ferrari showroom sits across the street from a parking lot, not so long ago extending as a rubble field. Crowded bars and clubs, – seemingly much more than the churches and mosques – art galleries, fantastic bookstores, film and music festivals.

Beirut, like Beroe, Aphrodite’s daughter and Eros’ sister, who gave her name to the city, inspires contradiction and appetite for pleasure. Legend has it that Beros triggered a competition between Poseidon, god of the sea, and Dionysus, god of the land. Poseidon eventually won the fight, inducing Beroe’s eternal longing for the sea. Yet Dionysus still casts his spell on her, as she willingly succumbs to earthly pleasures.


SEMINAR WEEK 17-25 OCT. 2015


BEIRUT, cosmopolitan centre of the Arab world,

BYBLOS, one of the oldest cities in the world.


Cost level D

Group: 15 to 20 people

Info Meeting: Tuesday 15 SEPT. 2015 at 13:00

Location: HPZ Floor F


Download poster here: BEIRUT POSTER