S4: The Protocols of Making: Thinking 3D Printing in Architecture

SCHWERPUNKTE is organized by the scholars of two doctoral programmes at the Department of Architecture, ETH Zürich: The Institute for History and Theory of Architecture (gta) and the Institute of Technology in Architecture (ITA).

Theme of this year’s Schwerpunkte is: The Protocols of Making: Thinking 3D Printing in Architecture, and it will be hosted by the Chair for Computer-Aided Architectural Design on October 30-31, 2015.

With the fourth session of Schwerpunkte we would like to initiate an experiment in collective thinking. We are testing the idea that critical thinking is a collective and active process, where different positions on the topic emerge through exhaustive discussions. Instead of presenting their research, participants are invited to use the proposed topic as a placeholder for probing their individual interests. Scholars from various fields can be beneficial in the discussion, for we believe that only an interdisciplinary working environment can help us address these crucial questions.

Participants’ initial ideas will be further developed during the discussions with our guests, who rather than taking the position of experts, will be invited to work with us and become the interlocutors of the discussion. Not only will they provide their expertise, but most importantly methods and approaches to think about the topic.

The goal of Schwerpunkte 4 is to articulate a wide range of positions on the topic and collectively publish them as: Schwerpunkte Notes. These positions have the potential to be further developed into research projects, papers, proposals.

You can find more information on our website, and join the discussions on our Facebook page

S4: The Protocols of Making: Thinking 3D Printing in Architecture