Rose Pavilion at XXII Winter Olympic Games

The CAAD Department is the partner for design development of the Rose Pavilion. Designed by Dimitry Demin, the Rose Pavilion will be installed in the Rosa Khutor Alpine Resort, which is scheduled to be an Olympic Village for XXII Winter Olympic Games.

The form of the rose pavilion was inspired by the natural beauty of Rosaceae Rosa canina. These roses have a pentagonal symmetry and double curvature in their petals – features which have been translated through precision engineering into an aesthetically beautiful architectural form.

The appearance of the pavilion was devised by parametric design techniques. The final architectural form resulted from an analysis of material properties and engineering calculations, taking into account local climatic conditions. These pointed to a preference for a domed structure in order to minimize the effect of snow loads. Collaboration between architects, engineers and biologists made possible the creation of an architectural aesthetic harmonious with the beauty of the natural environment.

The pavilion has high performance components because of the automation of the design cycle and manufacturing process. This is the result of architectural design being integrated with the use of robots in an innovative way which makes production purely mechanical.