Probabilistic orchestra

At the end of the 10 days workshop, the MAS class put together a laptop orchestra and a live performance at ETH Zurich-Hönggerberg. The evening performance at the CAAD’s 7xCabin integrated sonic and visual programming experiments. The hut was the physical object around which the digital instruments were orchestrated and projected on. The orchestra was constituted by eight unique audio and visual instruments, and led by a custom made programmed score. During the piece, The score computed and sent realtime a large array of parameters –beat, scale, duration, a.i.– to the network, every element of the orchestra freely performed within the given structure, having as output a one of a kind sound-visual ‘landscape’. Overall, the laptop orchestra integrated different technologies and different media, and implemented experiments developed in programming environments as ChucK, Processing, and Arduino, and music software as Ableton Live.





Nikola Marinčić, Jorge Orozco

video / editing:
Demetris Shammas

audio recording / mixing:
Achilleas Xydis

Abel Groenewolt, Constantinos Miltiadis, Periklis Kyriakidis, Gregory Gregoriadis, Georgios Anagnostopoulos, Togo Takamura, Adel Albloushi, Yu-ting Sheng, Valle Medina, Regina Mirzoyants, Christan Braun, Kaihong Chen

CAAD, 2014