Patterned Machines

Patterned Machines is a project by Stelios Psaltis created as part of a research on coding at the MAS CAAD ETH Program in Zürich.

“Mathematics is a science of patterns. The mind perceives connections and interrelations between concepts and ideas, then links them together. The ability to create patterns is a consequence of our neural development in responding to our environment. Mathematical theories explain the relations among patterns that arise within ordered, logical structures. Mankind generates patterns out of some basic inner need: it externalizes connective structures generated in the mind via the process of thinking, which explains the ubiquitousness of visual patterns in the traditional art and architecture of mankind.”
Architecture, Patterns, and Mathematics. Nikos A. Salingaros

This project belongs to a series of experiments on investigating possible mechanisms of creating patterns. The logic behind creating patterns although, has less to do with specific expressions of stylistic preferences, but rather lies upon the idea of reusing information. These examples act as visual representations, depicting the powerful capacity of programed algebraic rules to reuse information.
Repeated visual units and ordered patterns, produced out of any, even random given entities.