Lecture | Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa. Architecture in Formation: A presentation on the apparent opposition between relational logic and formal autonomy

CAAD talk #41
Friday 29. May, 2015 14:00 HPZ F

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Several issues have arisen since the publication of the book Architecture In Formation. Authorship and Formal Autonomy have been questioned in relation to the new structuralism imposed by digital signifiers. Parametric mediums and media affection framed the discipline from origination to destination, to the point that they became aesthetic references to be questioned. But these issues have reached another limit, giving place to an Ahistoric Architecture. An architecture that is struggling to be culturally relevant within the progressive expansion of new technologies, as they motivate New Emergent Disciplines.

Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa is an architect, artist, and scholar with focus on computation and theory. He is an Associate Professor Adj. at The Cooper Union, where he coordinates of the Master Program Advanced Studio (Fall Semester), he teaches computation, and is the Director of a Digital Representation and Fabrication Program. He is a Fulbright and National Endowment for the Arts scholar and holds an M.Arch II degree from Princeton University and a Diploma Architect from the University of Buenos Aires. He has edited and authored, among others Architecture In Formation (co-editor), Routledge 2013. Previously he collaborated directly as a senior designer with Peter Eisenman in many competitions and built projects. Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa is the Design Principal of e-Architects | eiroa-Architects NY-BA.