new CAAD book

The new book about the CAAD post graduate program is available now.

Beyond the Grid. A New Plateau!

The next big thing is not parametrics. It’s not a new geometry. It is more than that. The stances of Ghery, Eisenman, Libeskind, UNstudio, Hadid and others are pointing the direction. We get a taste of what lies beyond. Just as from the aesthetical exercises of HdeM or Zumthor.

We have left the certainty of geometry, logic and arithmetic. The substrate of the new metalevel is symbolic.

We don’t want to follow the reductionist functional view in architecture. We don’t like the uncommitted structuralist attitude toward the global challenges. We want to start cultivating the new plateau. To widen the perspective. We want to be pioneers in learning to construct within the symbolic, seriously.

The MAS class opens a forum, establishes a network and works on practical experiments.

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