vorlesung 1. semester: mathematische denken und programmieren 052-605-00L

digital architectonics

S01 the mechanics of the digital

an introduction for architects to the digital

a bachelor class of 4 semesters and 48 lectures

start THU 21.09.2017 15-17:00 HPH G2


ETH students can download Mathematica 11.1 at the ETH it shop


a live youtube channel of the lecture series is available here


download of the lecture’s code:

S01E01 introduction

updates for lecture 2 : S01E02 additions

updates for lecture 3 : S01E03 additions

updates for lecture 4 : S01E04 additions

updates for lecture 5 : S01E05 additions version 1.01 : S01E05 additions 1.01