CAAD III : Movie Scenes, Machine Learning & Architecture

063-0716-18L | Vertiefungskurs | CAAD III

The work of master film directors is at our fingertips. Thousands of hours of video files are indexed on the Web and available to download or stream. The stories are told in familiar places, in locations all around us: at a bar or hotel room, in a piazza or on the street, in a church, a villa, a bunker, a hut. In a film, this explicit architectural side is jointed to others, like the light and camera work, the soundtrack, the actors and dialogues, making altogether a masterful scene. We see here an exciting scenario of large quantities to explore.

The participants of this course will be introduced to a custom-made application in Python that implements Machine Learning algorithms to recognize and model the scenes of a movie. This application operates ‘all’ the hours of movie files and presents to the participant the ability to operate the oeuvre of a chosen director, to ‘talk’ to him and address architectural questions in a novel and vivid manner. There are no special requirements to join this course, but motivation.


Participation : Minimum 10 students

Dates : Mondays 10:00 – 12:00

Credits : 2 CP

Introduction : Monday 19.2.2018

Place : HCP E 47.2

Course Tutor : Jorge Orozco