CAAD Praxis: MORPHOSIS – smart materials and architecture
together with guest professor Winy Maas & T?F
introduction changed to: 25.02.2013 / 1pm Chair for CAAD, HPZ F
051-0732-13L – CAAD Wahlfach Praxis SS13

Smart Materials, materials that have the ability to dynamically adjust their properties in response to changing environmental conditions, are gradually establishing themselves in the architectural world. The possibilities they encompass for the creation of adaptive spaces are manifold, highly intriguing and encouraging. This is why architects, both in research and practice started to include them in their proposals and are speculating on how they could eventually enhance buildings in order to better deal with ephemeral occupational demands.

In this ‘Wahlfach’ the Chair for CAAD joins guest professor Winy Maas to complement his Transformer Studio with insights into recent developments in smart materiality and hands-on experiments on their fabrication and inherent properties. Students who participate in the design studio are highly encouraged to select this course as well.

The semester will be structured into a number of practical workshops, each looking at a different material’s property or behaviour. In particular we will be investigating shape changing, light-emitting and color changing materials. The workshops follow a do-it-yourself approach and will last for the full day. In addition to the workshops, the students will form groups of two and explore a particular material and it’s potential for architectural design in depth. The results will be summarized in written form and presented at the end of the course by the resepective groups. Further information and the task in detail will be announced during the introduction.

max. 22 students
introduction: 19.02. // 15:00 – 17:00 (location: ONA, studio Winy Maas)
workshops (all day): 04.03. (electro-active polymers) / 08.04. (bioplastics) / 22.04. (thermochromics) (location: tba)
presentations: 29.04. / 06.05. / 13.05. // 15:00 – 17:00 (dates may vary, depending on number of students)

place: Chair for CAAD, HPZ, Floor F unless announced differently

further information:

course tutors: Manuel Kretzer (CAAD), Ulf Hackauf (T?F)