monologue with K.L.

Monologue with Kristina Lenard is a project by Miro Roman created as part of a research on coding at the MAS CAAD ETH Program in Zürich.

The aim of the work Monologue with Kristina Lenard was to observe ways in which the process of abstraction can change or redefine the meaning of an image.
The tool used and developed specifically for this work was Pixel Image Processing script. The reference point was Kristina Lenard’s Think Space photograph. The idea was to generate third abstraction of the same landscape using a computer. The relation between the new render and the photograph was equivalent to the relation between the photograph and the reality of the landscape it represented. Kristina Lenard’s photograph thus became the input (raw material). In her work, we looked at every nth (100th) pixel and its general characteristics (r, g, b, brightness) in order to collect information needed to develop each pixel into a unique complex branched system. Each pixel thus evolved into a small constellation defined by its own characteristics. With each new iteration the system became yet more complex. Since each pixel had different characteristics, it developed completely individually, while mutual overlapping resulted in the formation of single entities/compositions.If we perceive Kristina Lenard’s photograph as the second abstraction of reality, which uses the model of the landscape as raw material, the newly produced render can only be perceived as the third abstraction which uses her photograph as raw material. This leads us to the conclusion that the obtained render is equally (un)realistic as the photograph, or rather, that it represents just one of the dimensions of reality, defined by the same type of parameters as the photograph.