Mihye An

Mihye is a postdoctoral researcher, currently working on the basic research project “Media Architecture: Architecture mediating Information Technology” (funding by SNF; 05/2017~04/2020). Her PhD thesis entitled <Media Architecture and Categories of Spatialization> categorized digital infrastructure based architectural projects, by analysing different kinds of fictitious relationship between the intangible layer of digital and physical articulation of architecture (at the CAAD Chair; 02/2012~04/2016). Mihye holds a M.S. in Culture Technology and a B.S. in Industrial Design both from KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), studied also as a MAS (Master of Advanced Studies) student at the CAAD Chair (2010-2011). She has various experiences in media and technology in South Korea, France, and Switzerland: media art installations, 3D laser scanning, digital filmmaking, future mobile device design with SAMSUNG, UI for the world of IoT in futureLAB/dizmo AG.


contact: an@arch.ethz.ch



book publication:  << Atlas of Fantastic Infrastructures: An Intimate Look at Media Architecture >> (392 pages; Eds. Ludger Hovestadt and Vera Bühlmann, Birkhäuser April 2016)

atlas of fantastic infrastructures_mihye