mathematisches denken und programmieren I

mathematisches denken und programmieren I 052-0605-00

digital architectonics

eine einführung in das digitale für architekten

start THU 20.09.2018 15-17:00 HCI G3

ETH students can download Mathematica 11.3 at the ETH it shop

get the Mathematica code of the first lecture : MTP201801 – the tutorial to install blender, blender customisation and  why blender – the tutorial to install mathematica

this is the youtube of the first lecture (MTP2018 S01E01)

this is the code of lecture MTP2018 S01E02

code of lecture MTP2018 S01E03

code of lecture MTP2018 S01E04. one file was missing. this is the new version: MTP2018 S01E04

code of lecture MTP 2018 S01E05

code of lecture MTP2018 S01E06

code of lecture (the new version of the environment) MTP2018 S01E07

the comprehensive final code of this semester, ready for the last exercise: MTP HS18 final


ATTENTION: do not use the related links below – it is the code of the last year