MAS M3: Sound-coding

At the level of programming, time connotes differently when coding form than coding sound. Unlike architecture, the physical characteristics of sound change fast. Sound waves propagate, reflect, refract, compress, expand, and decay in matter of seconds. With the aid of computing technology, digital audio is designed and orchestrated ‘on-the-fly’, concurrently and precisely in time. Coding sound opens the opportunity to experiment with different programming notions that may be ‘un-natural’ to architecture but with potential for technological implementations in an architectural context.

The aim of this workshop is to look at code from the perspective of sound, and to challenge ‘settle’ notions of CAAD –or the computation of form– with notions of digital audio design through code. The 10 days workshop will introduce a high-level programming language for sonic programming: ChucK. ChucK is a time and concurrent oriented language for real-time sound synthesis. The MAS class will develop their very own and unique instruments with recording, programming and prototyping skills. As final presentation, the instruments will be orchestrated in a live performance at ETH Hönggerberg.


dates 2-18 February 2014, 09:30 – 17:00
place Chair for CAAD, HPZ, Floor F
tutors Nikola Marinčić , Jorge Orozco