Manuel Kretzer


phone: +41 44 633 4037
email: kretzer(at)
web: responsive design studio / materiability research network


Manuel Kretzer is responsible for coordinating and leading the postgraduate Master of Advanced Studies class’s digital design and production modules. His research aims at the notion of a soft and dynamic architecture with a specific focus on new (smart) material performance.

In 2012 he established the materiability research network, a platform that brings together architects, artists, designers, students, scientists and researchers who share a common fascination with smart, programmable materials and their potential integration into architecture.

He is also partner and co-founder of responsive design studio, based in Cologne and Zurich. The strength of the team is rooted in design research and a commitment to exploring opportunities in creating responsive, adaptive and adapted physical space. A special interest lies on alternative solutions for vivid architectural geometries that interact with their user in the process of creation but also in the built shape, materialization, surface and visual behavior.

He has previously worked with Philip Beesley in Toronto, Canada on the development and realization of interactive environments and taught seminars in temporary experimental architecture at the Institute for Industrial Design (ifib), University of Karlsruhe (TH).


invited lectures
28.05.13 Soft Matter, DAMADEI Design and Advanced Materials Sketcha Kutcha, CTU Faculty of Architecture, Prague
19.04.13 Material Ecologies, Smart Geometry 2013 Talkshop: Technology and the Future Culture, The Bartlett, London
22.02.13 Open Matter(s), Prototyping Architecture Conference, The Building Centre, London
30.11.12 post-mechanistic materials for active architectures, Jour Fixe, Art & Science Department, University of Applied Arts, Vienna
25.10.12 homeostatic material systems, Designers’ Open Conference, Leipzig
18.09.12 information materials, Design Seminar, Swedish School of Textiles, Boras
03.08.12 phototropia: a self-sufficient architectural vision, Schweizer Baumuster Centrale, Zürich
03.07.12 metabolic material systems, Red Dot Design Museum, Essen
02.04.12 autonomous materials, ADS1, School of Architecture, Royal College of Art, London, UK
02.04.12 materiability, Inspiring Matter Conference 2012, London, UK
11.01.12 responsive design studio, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland
11.01.12 guest critic at Digitales Entwerfen: Furnitecture, Zurich University of Applied Sciences
20.12.11 responsive design studio Hyperbody, TU Delft, Netherlands
29.11.11 next generation materials Ambience international Conference, Boras, Sweden
14.10.11 a new softness Inkjet Seminar, Luzern University of Applied Sciences
25.07.11 actuated matter, Zurich University of the Arts
04.03.11 towards a new softness Adaptive Architecture Conference 2011, London



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