Japanese artist Shinichi Maruyama



CAAD Wahlfach: 051-0728-13 G

Manifold articulates design by evolving series of forms through interaction rather than fixing a static form

If architecture becomes kinetic, how would you want it to behave? Soft- and hardware enables spaces to morph, react or to interact dynamically. Hence, as architects, we will not design static geometries anymore, but the capabilities and the behaviors of building elements. In this course, we will explore the potential of responsive architecture.

We are going to design a kinetic artifact, an architecture that senses changes in the environment and is able to adapt. Maybe it even starts to play with us when it’s bored, who knows. Did you never think of training your design like you would train your dog? Wish it could change its form automatically? Imagine architecture could learn from your movements and react accordingly. And not just to yours, to all the possible movements of everyone else. Thus, you could design a whole lot of different rooms for different situations – a single person standing in the center, a group of visitors passing by, …

In this Wahlfach, we will develop an interactive installation, exhibited at the end of the semester. There will be an introduction in the programming framework Processing and into physical computing with Arduino (we will work with XBox Kinect, some motors and will spice it with prepared easy to use machine learning software components). There is no previous programming knowledge required at all!

This semester, the Chair for CAAD joins guest professor Winy Maas (MVRDV) to complement his Transformer Studio with insights into recent developments in Digital Design and hands-on experiments on interaction design. Students who participate his design studio are highly encouraged to select this course as well. The course will be structured into a number of workshops, each focusing on a different milestone of the project.

number: max. 22 students
dates: introduction: 19.02. // 15:00 – 17:00 (location: ONA, studio Winy Maas)
workshops: every second monday from 13:00-17:00h(dates may vary, depending on number of students)

place: Chair for CAAD, HPZ, Floor F unless announced differenty




25.02. 1. Session and Guestlecture

11.03  2. Session



08.04  3. Session

22.04  4. Session

29.04. 4. Session

13.05. 5. Session