Lecture: Relational Textiles


When: 13.03.13 // 13:00 – 14:00
Where: Chair for CAAD, HPZ Floor F

Delia Dumitrescu : Relational Textiles

The relationship between technology and the expression of form have always been interconnected in the architectural design process; associating the art of envisioning spaces with the craft of materializing them. Recently in terms of surface fabrication, computational tools of representation and material fabrication opened for architectural design new possibilities to explore novel spatial expressions. Surface design processes in architecture start to borrow from the logic of representation of different non-hierarchical structures, e.g., biological systems or textile construction techniques. Relating to that, the present fascination of textiles in architectural design relies on this specific way of building surface design as non-hierarchical form, and by that, allowing the designer to play with the depth of the surface design at micro and macro levels.
Exploring different relations between digital and physical through textiles expressions, this research reassess static principles of form–marking the turn from static to relational principles. Thus, the intention is to describe how the character of the textiles and computation as design material redefines the notion of space trough surface aesthetics merging the digital to the physical, and how spatiality can be questioned through textile and interaction aesthetics. Using practice-based research methodology, this research opens and explores this design space by relating theory and practice; it questions and reframes fundamental concepts of expression and scale in architecture by proposing methods for surface design, and a specific language to describe textile architectural aesthetics.

Delia Dumitrescu lectures BA students in textile design at the Swedish School of Textiles. She holds a degree in architectural design from the University of Architecture and Urbanism Ion Mincu, Bucharest and a MA in Textile Design at the Swedish School of Textiles, Borås. She is currently completing her PhD at the Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås. Her research develops theoretical knowledge through design on Smart Textiles as materials for architecture. Her work focuses on developing design methods for interactive textile surfaces using knitted constructions. Her projects have been exhibited at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, Salone Satellite, Milan, Responsive by Material Sense, Berlin, Hannover and Avantex, Frankfurt, Keller Center, MIT School of Architecture and Planning, Cambridge.