Lecture: Lukáš Kurilla

Lukáš Kurilla
06.05.13 // 16:00 – 17:00
Chair for CAAD, HPZ Floor F

Lukáš Kurilla is currently a teaching assistant in Studio Flo|w [link http://www.studioflorian.com/en, http://caad.kurilluk.net/ in Prague.

In his work and research he focuses on synergy  between human intuition and computing calculation and development of decision supporting software tools aimed to help architects optimize structural design especially in the concept design phase.  Cooperation with an artist Federico  Díaz [link: http://www.fediaz.com/  on projects:

ULTRA – CNC digital fabricated installation for PS1 in Miami (2008), an experimental  project LacrimAu and thermo-displays Pulsar, exhibited in Expo Shanghai (2010). At the conference Rob|Arch 2012 in Vienna he presented optimization of a robotic fabricated structure Geometric Death Frequenci -141.