Lecture: Gilles Retsin – Object Oriented Design

OOD is a new paradigm in contemporary philosophy, physics, computer programming and critical theory and can be understood as the process of planning a system of interacting objects for the purpose of solving a specific problem. In contrast to contemporary thought and design, which views things as the aggregation or assembly of smaller bits and parts, in OOD new objects emerge out of an ecology of interaction of multiple and heterogeneous objects. Through a process of formation or computation, highly differentiated, contradictory concepts and structures can become one object, without resulting in an incongruous collage. This matter-based approach is post-geometrical. Geometry only appears at the end of the process as a result of formation, rather than at the start, as a predefined representation.

Gilles Retsin is a Belgian born architect holding a Masters in Architecture + Urbanism (Dist) from the Architectural Association School of Architecture’s Design Research Laboratory (AA.DRL). He gained professional experience while working in Germany and Switzerland, most notably as architect with LAVA in Stuttgart and as project architect with Christian Kerez in Zurich. Gilles is senior designer at research-based design firm Kokkugia in London,where he is closely involved in ongoing research into non-linear design methodologies. He is also co-founder and director of SofKill Design, a collective design studio investigating generative design methodologies for additive manufacturing . He teaches Diploma Unit 6 at University of East London with Robert Stuart-Smith and is unit Master at the AA visiting school in Shanghai and Beijing. His current research is focused on developing Object-Oriented Design in architecture, a consistent design strategy for radical differentiation on a range of scales, from the tectonic to the urban. He lectured and taught extensively in Belgium, Germany, Finland and China.

When: 09.11.12 // 17:00 – 18:00
Where: Chair for CAAD, HPZ Floor F