Lecture: Cod.Act

14.05.2014 // 14:00 – 15:00 HPZ Floor F


a Swiss media art duo (musician + architect)


Under the label Cod.Act, André and Michel Décosterd combine their know-how. The first is a musician, composer and sound plastician, the second is an architect and plastician. Together they develop artistic productions such as performances and interactive installations. The basis of their approach is a reflection on sound, light and image and their possible interaction.
Since 1999, the two plasticians produce complex devices, lean and functional, which evoke the industrial universe. Imprinted with rationality, even radical in nature, their devices are at the core of their production but are not its finality. Indeed, the work intended is musical and is stored in encoded form in the device. Latent, it reveals itself to the public when the device is operated, either by the public in the case of interactive installations, or by the artists in the case of performances. Their devices do not deliver a unique and pre-defined content, but combine and organise information according to variable parameters. Random, ephemeral, multidimensional, their work reveals itself each time different, infinite.
Michel Décosterd
1969 Born in Le Locle (CH)
1994 Diploma of architecture at the Engineering school of Biel (CH)
1994-96 Active as architect in Berlin and Weimar (D)
1997 Founds the group Cod.Act with André Décosterd
since 1997 Active in plastic arts and in architecture. Develops and constructs sound machines.
André Décosterd
1967 Born in Le Locle (CH)
1984/88 Apprenticeship in organ building
1995 Diploma from the Ecole de jazz et de musique actuelle (Ejma) in Lausanne
1997 Founds the group Cod.Act with Michel Décosterd
since 1997 Active as musician and composer. Specialises in computer programming of musical applications. Studies composition systems specific to contemporary music.
– Golden Nica Interactive Arts, Ars Electronica 2013, Linz (AT)
– Grand Prize Art division – 16th Japan Media Arts Festival 2012, Tokyo (JP)
– Nominated work – NTAA 2012, New technological Art, Gent (BE)
– Honorary mention – VIDA Concurso International Arte y Vida Artificial 2012 (ES)
– Honorary mention – Premio Transitio_MX 04 (2011) – Honorary Mention Award, Mexico City (MX)
– Grand Prize Art division – 14th Japan Media Arts Festival 2010, Tokyo (JP)
– CYNEART 2010 Award, Dresden (DE)
– Distinction Award Sound art – Ars Electronica Award – Distinction Award 2010, Linz (AT)
– Culture Award 2009, Neuchâtel Cantonal Bank, Neuchâtel (CH)
– Nominated work Interactive Arts- Japan Media Art Festival 2004,Tokyo (JP)
– Nominated work International Media Art Award 2004, ARTE, Süddeutsche Rundfunk, ZKM Karlsruhe (DE)