LectureㅣShintaro Miyazaki – Models as Agents

Models as Agents. A rough sketch on how social design and experimental media could work together to discuss complex issues.


CAAD talk #44
Tuesday 1. November, 2016 16:00 HPZ F ETH


Beginning with a fast-rewind into past research centered around his PhD and Algorhythmics, the talk will then move on and addresses some preliminary concepts, ideas and work plans on how to do a media theoretically inspired social design, which aspires to evoke discussions on the question of how to design future forms of collaborative living in urban communities especially concerning counter-intuitive effects of emergence, self-organization and system criticality coming along with increased connectivity. The difficult task then is to think about how we can better learn and discuss these complex effects. One possible path, which Miyazaki will discuss, is to build upon methods from serious computing, agent based modeling or computer simulation.


Shintaro Miyazaki (*1980) is a senior researcher and lecturer at the Institute of Experimental Design and Media Cultures. His current research interest is focused on how experimental design and media cultures in the past and now are entangled with discourses and practices from research fields and topics as diverse as cybernetics, system thinking, ecology, computation, design, art, psychedelics, counterculture, gaia, cognition, agency, complexity, self-organization or the anthropocene.


more info: https://fhnw.academia.edu/ShintaroMiyazaki