Karla Saldaña Ochoa

Karla is an Ecuadorian architect, in April 2017 she was award with a scholarship of “Top Universities” in the world from the Government of Ecuador to started a Ph.D. Fellow at ETH Zurich in the department on ITA CAAD with Profesor Ludger Hovestad. Her research is entitled:  Event Protocols, Glueing events by the interplay of human and machine intelligence in the scenario of Natural Disasters; considering a protocol as a specific type or architectonics.

In 2015 she was award with a scholarship for “Top Universities” in the world from the Ecuadorian government, and a second scholarship from the Foundation for Architecture Geisendorf to study her Master of Advance studies in Landscape Architecture at ETH Zurich. During her studies at the MAS, she was collaborating as an assistant in the design studio in the Chair of Profesor Christophe Girot. Since 2013 she has been practicing as an Architect in Ecuador, and in 2014 together with a college, she found an Architectural office called CA-SA. She started her Ph.D. in 2017, where she is also working as a part-time teaching assistant for the chair of Computer Aided Architectural Design.