High Resolution


CAAD THEORY | 051-0732-12L | WAHLFACH| FS12

In this course the students developed a computer-based approach to designing strongly articulated spaces. Those spaces should be defined containing an unseen density of information. We sought high-resolution architectures with imaginative and previously unseen space impressions.

The students worked with the methodology of  “Mesh Grammars”, a formal language for evolving forms based on Mesh-geometry. Not only single objects but also entire families of structures are calculated by the computer. Their spatial complexity is unachievable – and perhaps even inconceivable – using traditional means.

The students worked with the Processing programming environment.



Jeanne Wellinger

David Jeanny

Christian Suter

Li Bo

Romain Frezza

Yann Bachofner

Petrus Aejmelaeus-Lindström

Yushi Sasade



Benjamin Dillenburger, Michael Hansmeyer, Hua Hao