CAAD Tutorial: Game Engines

Towards a fully responsive design


051-0728-15L | Elective Course | CAAD Tutorial

Have you ever dreamed of walking through one of your building designs? Not only as a guest but as the main actor? Ever had a hard time choosing the best point of view for the one visualisation? Do you wonder what the atrium would look like in the evening sun?

What if you could make your design a virtual meeting place for collaborators and clients?
What if you could not only vaguely imagine how all the media in the building will work together but actually live and orchestrate them?

What if you could easily simulate moving shutters, create light scenes and control all that from your smart phone?
What if you could experience the conceived spaces not only in a pre- rendered fly through but as a fully responsive environment with programmed behaviors?

Google offers smart thermostats, Apple provides HomeKit and Samsung bought SmartThings – the technology side is getting ready. What are the implications and chances this offers to architecture?
In this course, we will give you the necessary foundations to augment static 3D models with the components required for letting these visions come true. Following all of the provided tutorial lessons, you will be able by the end of the semester to realize such a project by yourself. No prior knowledge in programming is required.

We will primarily work in a game creation system (engine and development environment) called Unity ( The programming language of our choice will be C#. Course language is English if necessary, or German if possible.

number max. 30 / min. 10 motivated students
dates Mondays, 13:00 – 15:00 h
introduction Monday, Feb 16th 2015
place Chair for CAAD, Building HPZ, Floor F
tutor Mathias Bernhard / bernhard(at)