Digital Drama

A Play of Books
A Research Project

Imagine a computer drama, comedy, a play of the sea’s murmur. This is a drama of books. Books start behaving like actors in a play…
in other words: What is a computational object in a world of data?


From a book into an image, from an image into a letter, from a letter into a number… This plateau consists of texts and images. These are old and abstract formats; they have seen the ancient Greece, made friends with Guttenberg, witnessed the industrial serialization and are the main protagonists of the digital. But how has the digitized environment changed them? What are figures and faces of images and books in the world of data, not seen as data visualization, but as an articulation that challenges mimetic representation and goes beyond it. What is their character, how do they behave and what are they made of? This drama is going to be a play of books in a world of data.

Miro Roman


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