Digital Baroque Island

Digital Baroque Island is an interactive speculative architectural installation with projection mapping and augmented reality based on Shakespeare’s Prospero. The idea of digital ghosts and the multiple levels of conceptual symmetries drove our design. Our starting point is an actual island of the Boromeo complex in north Italy.This could well be the place where the mythical Prospero fled. As a magician he could transform everything there and that’s exactly what we do. Starting with an abstract geometric representation of the place, we copy, mirror, scale, move and finally subtract it from the original. The result is passed on to the next iteration. A complex physical model is produced. Then the ghosts that hunted Prospero come into play. They correspond to the projected trackers that move around responding to input data, in this case sound, and get an augmented reality character assigned to them. The 3d modeling self-reflections, the use of a physical mirror and of computer vision constitute the different levels of abstraction of our design.


Digital Baroque Island_site2


Digital Baroque Island_reference






Team:                            Yu-ting Sheng  &  Georgios Anagnostopoulos

Design Tutor:                Mihye An

Fabrication Tutor:        Mathias Bernhard