CAAD Praxis: Constructing Conditions of Design

Constructing Conditions of Design

052-0630-19  | Elective course | CAAD Praxis

This course will examine and construct the pre-conditions of contemporary architectural design.

The stage for design is set up using references, precedents, mood boards, panoramas, databases, etc. and then deployed within a design space that is only metaphorically connected with it. A fundamental shift takes place in this workflow when precedents can be used as prefabricated models, when sites can be 3d scanned 1:1, when stock images of cars, bikes, people, and dogs can be used to populate and inhabit architectural artefacts. A circular process ensues where the act of design becomes collapsed with the act of curation, the act of mapping becomes collapsed with the act of projection. It is precisely this active workflow that we will set up in the course using high-resolution modelling, texturing and rendering tools which lie outside the realm of current architectural design practices in conjunction with cataloguing techniques using machine learning.

Specific tutorials will be provided for the respective softwares. Contemporary compositional, modeling, texturing/mapping, and rendering techniques will be discussed during the course.

Softwares: Blender, Unity3D, Wolfram Mathematica.

participation min.10 motivated students
dates Mondays, 08:00–10:00
introduction Monday, 18 February 2019
place HPK D 24.2
course tutor Adil Bokhari

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