CAAD Praxis: CHINAWARE // Digital design + Material computation
051-0733-12L // Wahlfach HS 2012

In order to develop physical models from a greater logic this course will aim at digital fabrication and material computation. The advantage of using the computer as a tool in various ways to create the substrate for the material engagement is what we will be aiming for in this course. Using the gained knowledge of a material’s behaviour as a feedback to revisit our digital design, allows us to create a new approach in digital modeling and developing physical models.

In this ‘Wahlfach’ we will be working with the material of liquid porcelain in order to create digitally designed and fabricated objects. We will be exploring the material’s distinct properties and will use them to inform and reiterate our initial design. To produce the final shape we will be milling casts in which the material will then be poured into. The process of pouring will then reveal the material constrains which will be further utilised for our design purpose, i.e redundancy and / or optimization (material thickness).

In parallel to our computer aided material experiments we will be exploring various ways of modelling digital shapes with programs such as Rhino and Grasshopper and possibly look into ways of Scripting and Programming the designs.

The course will be structured into biweekly tutorials teaching the above as well as supporting design ideas and the introduction into the use of the necessary CNC machines at the DARCH Raplab. Within one intense week before the Christmas break the designs will then be produced at a 1:1 scale. Students will be working in teams of two. The assignment includes the creation of a digitally designed and physically produced object as well as a detailed documentation of the process and the final result.
number of students: max. 20
prerequisites: rhino and grasshopper installed on own laptop
introduction: Monday, 17.09.12 // 15:00
then: always Mondays, 15 – 17:00
place: HPZ, Floor F unless announced differently

course tutors:
CAAD: Knut Brunier, Manuel Kretzer
Raplab: Alessandro Tellini, Daniel Bachmann