A series of talks organised by CAAD. John May | 28.02.2019 Harvard GSD | MILLIØNS Casey Rehm | 07.03.2019 SCI-Arc […]


063-0716-19L | Vertiefungskurs | CAAD III   this course celebrates the abundance of movies available online and the machine intelligence […]

CAAD Theory: A Quantum City

| Elective course | CAAD Theory | What if cities are not connected in space and time? What if they are species in parallel universes, and You can easily talk to them.

Woven Column

Das Projekt „Woven Column“, erforscht das Potential von 3D Druck für Architektur.


By crossing over different inputs, new kinds of meta-wood are being synthesized following a hidden musical score.

Animated Textiles Workshop

Animated Textiles was a five-day workshop held at the Swedish School of Textiles at the University of Borås from Sept. […]


a self-sufficient architectural vision Phototropia is part of an ongoing series on the application of smart materials in an architectural […]

Teahouse 2.0 Workshop with NCTU Taiwan

Joint workshop “Teahouse 2.0” in the Spring of 2012 with NCTU Institute of Architecture and ETH CAAD , which explore a new threshold of computational design and digital fabrication in the realm of education.

Mesh Grammars: Studies for a Dome

How can one create a highly articulated architecture using a novel method of folding? We design a series of domes by folding a surface over and over again, using a dynamic process entitled mesh grammars.

Actuated Matter Workshop

The Actuated Matter workshop explored the application of smart materials and their ability to transform space into responsive, adaptive environments.