Adil Bokhari

Adil Bokhari is currently a PhD fellow at the CAAD interested in documentary vs. projective practices and tools in architecture […]

Guo Zifeng

Guo Zifeng is currently a phd researcher at the chair of CAAD, ITA, ETH Zurich since 2017. He joined the […]

Karla Saldaña Ochoa

Karla is an Ecuadorian architect; in April 2017, she was awarded a scholarship “Top Universities” from the Government of Ecuador […]

Pierre Cutellic

Pierre is currently PhD Fellow at the CAAD chair of ETH ITA Zürich since October 2016. His research proposal focuses […]

Dennis Lagemann

Dennis is working at the Chair of CAAD as a Researcher in the field of Computational Design. In his current […]

David Schildberger

David Schildberger studied interior design and architecture in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Currently he is a researcher and PhD candidate […]

Thomas Schmalfeldt

Thomas is a Ph.D. student, working part time at the chair of “Computer Aided Architectural Design” at the Federal Institute […]

Salva Keynezhad

Salva is a PhD Student at the Chair of Computer Aided Architectural Design, ETH Zurich, since November 2013. Her field […]

Diana Alvarez-Marin

Diana is researcher at the Chair of CAAD at the Future Cities Laboratory, interdisciplinary research program of the Singapore ETH […]

Vahid Moosavi

Vahid Moosavi is a PhD student at ETH Zurich and from November 2011 is a researcher in Future Cities Laboratory (FCL) in Singapore.

Nikola Marinčić

Nikola Marinčić is a postdoctoral researcher at the chair for Computer-Aided Architectural Design at ETH Zurich.

Mihye An

Mihye is a postdoctoral researcher, currently working on the basic research project “Media Architecture: Architecture mediating Information Technology” (funding by SNF; 05/2017~04/2020). Her PhD thesis entitled […]

Jorge Orozco

Jorge is a postdoc at the Chair for CAAD. He is interested in the world of architecture online and the […]

Mario Guala

Mario Guala is project coordinator at the Chair for CAAD.

Ludger Hovestadt

Ludger Hovestadt is Professor for Computer Aided Architectural Design (CAAD) at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule, ETH) in Zürich.

Vera Bühlmann

Vera Bühlmann is a researcher and lecturer at the Chair since March 2008, and founder of the laboratory for applied virtuality. She is responsible for the postgraduate program’s theory modules.