OPENING 28TH APRIL 2015 18.00 PM – ONGOING UNTIL 07TH MAY 2015 The Rose Pavilion is a revolutionary restructuring of […]

Rose Pavilion opening

The opening of the Rose Pavilion at the Polyterrasse of the ETH in Zurich will take place on July 23 […]

Resinance 2.0

Resinance 2.0 is the successor of Resinance, realized six month after the first project. Its general system is building upon […]


This video illustrates the contribution of the chair for CAAD to the new home for the Institute of Technology in […]

new CAAD book

The new book about the CAAD post graduate program is available now. Beyond the Grid. A New Plateau! The next […]

Floater at Passagen, Cologne

Floater and Chick ‘n’ Egg Chair are presented, among other works of responsive design studio at the Passagen, Cologne from Jan. 16. – 21. 2012.