Sonix Terris Tories

Even more often than rooms, thoughts change the sounds around us and in ourselves. Our body is a reservoir, a […]

Resinance 2.0

Resinance 2.0 is the successor of Resinance, realized six month after the first project. Its general system is building upon […]

CAAD ski weekend 2014

It might feel like spring but let’s not rush it. First we need to go and enjoy some snow in the Alps…

Lecture: A Quantum City

What if cities are not connected in space and time? You easily can talk to them. Just by taking a phone for example. But they are species in parallel universes.

ALIVE2013 – Teaser

ALIVE2013 was hosted at the Chair for CAAD, ETH Zürich on July, 8th 2013. Speakers included: Prof. Ludger Hovestadt (ETH […]

Lecture: Takihiko Higuchi

16.07.2013 // 16:30 – 17:00 Chair for CAAD, HPZ Floor F Higuchi studied scenography at Tokyo Gakugei university and worked […]

Pictures from ALIVE2013

Pictures of the ALIVE2013 symposium on adaptive architecture, held at the Chair for CAAD on July 8th 2013, are now […]

Lecture: Stanislav Roudavski

Stanislav Roudavski : Architecture of Performances 02.07.13 // 16:00 – 17:00 Chair for CAAD, HPZ Floor F This talk will […]